Facebook as a savior for the blog


There is no doubt of the fact that facebook has been the top most place where we can increase the consumption of what our website or blog site has to offer. The wide group of audience we have in facebook cannot be compared to anything ever when it comes to social networking.

You can use these tips mentioned below to help you spread your blog through social media. To begin with, always know that even on facebook, the first thing one sees is the content and the quality of content given in your caption.

To earn a good audience, make sure that you write quality content and you don’t write it very big. The main trick to effective social media marketing is short and catchy content. Any user who sees an interesting, catchy caption along with the webpage link would be ready to have a look.

Next, try using emoticons while you write down your caption. You must have known until now that emoticons are something that attracts the users the most so use different emoticons and interact with the audience. That would make the target audience believe that you are there for them and they can visit the blog or website.


To be on the paid marketing part, you can try to run advertisements or sponsorship programs on facebook. These will help to attract your target audience. Facebook has this policy of showing the advertisements to people who are interested in that kind of topic so these advertisements and sponsorships only help in the promotion of the website or the blog site.

WordPress and Blogger also have dedicated buttons of share for the people who want to take the help of social media to spread the word about their blog site or website. Activate these buttons and allow the users to share your blog, its posts and the links- the viewership and ranking increase is guaranteed.


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