WordPress vs Blogger- a comparison


WordPress vs Blogger is that even a comparison? But to think of it, that is the biggest comparison. People who are new to the blogging world and even for people who are used to this world, the question of which one is better still remains- WordPress vs Blogger. Here are a few points which give us a differentiation.

To begin with, let us talk about the ownership. If we talk about WordPress then you are allowed to use a hosting provider to host your own site. It is totally your call on how long do you want the website to run and when you want to shut down the website.

On the other hand, blogger is provided by Google. It is the best platform to publish whatever you write or make on the website and it is free too. But, the only drawback here is that it is not owned by you as a reader and even if you have a say in when to shut down the website or to run the website till what time, Google has the last word.


In terms of appearance, blogger has a set of pre-defined templates which can be customized but you cannot add a new template created by yourself. Whereas, WordPress has a set of themes which are suitable for all kinds of websites. You just have to name the kind of website you have and they will give you a theme suiting it.

Security is the next thing that comes in mind when you have a blog site or website for yourself. In that front, blogger has the upper hand. It has the support of Google and its secure platform whereas WordPress is secure too but the user; in this case you are the person who is responsible for the security of your website or blog site.


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