Navigation Menu in blogging sites


Navigation menu is one very important part of any website or blog site. It helps in giving the site structure for the users. It also acts as a quick way for the users to navigate through the site and find what they want to.

While some themes for certain sites like WordPress or Blogger gives already included navigation menu, you can also create menus in the sites. For WordPress, first when you are in your dashboard, visit appearance.

There, you will find a drop down menu which would have one tab titled ’menus’. Once you click on it, you will reach the edit menu section that would be divided into two columns. One column would have pages, categories and custom links tab.

Whereas the other column would be the place where you can add or adjust the items in your menu. To begin with, give a name for the menu and followed by clicking on the create menu button. You will see that the menu area would expand after this.


Now, you can click on the pages that you would want to add to the menu. This can be done by selecting the pages that are listed on the left hand side and followed by a click on the add to menu tab that is there.

Once you are done adding the pages that you want to the menu, you can now select the theme location where the menu would be displayed. Finally, click on the button that says save menu.

If you have made any kind of mistake, do not worry. You can always check your website and then re-locate your menu or the items in your menu as and when you would want. The structure of the menu can also be changed depending on the kind of theme used in the website.


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