More comments on the Blog- How to?


How to get more comments in the blog is the first and the foremost thing that is in any blogger’s mind. And why shouldn’t it be so? The more comments the blog gets, the more popular a blog gets. So, here are a few tips and tricks on how to get more comments on the blog.

– Do not use captcha and instead use comment moderation. Yes, that is an effective way of getting more happens. In practical, what happens is that when anyone sees a captcha then they refrain from posting the comment because most of the time it is not user-friendly but comment moderation is a very user friendly format which would ensure that you get each and every comment and manually approve each and every one.

– Another very important factor is allowing the users to subscribe to comments. It so happens that mostly people comment on the post that is being uploaded and then forget about it, but when you allow the users to subscribe to the comments then they can come back and visit the blog, when you have replied to the comment, making the blog more famous and increasing the page views.


– Showing newest comments first is another way to increase the page view and let the viewers come back to your blog. By default WordPress has this facility, but Blogger doesn’t. But, in any cases, it is advised that you manually check and make sure that the blog post shows the newest comments first.

Allowing to show the top commenter would also make them feel good and increase your blog views. The above ways, along with good marketing, promotion and word of mouth, teamed up with an easy user interface will make sure that the blog or website gets more comments in the upcoming days.


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