How to setup Google Plus profile

How to setup Google Plus profile


In this article we will guide you how to setup Google Plus Profile. First of all you have to set up Google Profile. Google+ will work only with Google Accounts. Google Account should be an active account. If you don’t have google Profile, then click here a google profile account.

If you are have Yahoo ID or Windows Live ID then also you can sign up for a Google account. With the help of Google Account you can make your Google Plus profile. Please keep in mind that Google apps account can’t be use to set up Google Plus profile. All you need is normally Gmail account for creating Google Plus profile. Once you have created a Google Plus Profile, you can request for a Google Plus account from Google. Google Plus is available from invitation right now. You can request here . After making the request you will get the mail from Google Plus, by clicking the invitation link you can create your Google Plus Profile. When you click the invitation link which you have received on your email, you will be redirected to Google Plus website where you have to sign in with your Google account username and password.


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