How to create Facebook Fan Page

Unless you lived under a rock for a few years, then you have to do everything on Facebook, and the answer to the question “How Facebook is a very popular social network you stay with your friends and updates related knowledge post from you. There are an estimated 300 million users of Facebook, the members of more and more new recruits every day. I’m sure you know all about how to send to add friends, search people, a friend request and update the status. You can also learn how you create a Facebook group. The next step is to create a fan on Facebook. Create, a fan on Facebook for you terribly seem as megalomaniac, but he is one of the best way to promote yourself or your company. If You know as a fan want to invest on Facebook, then you have to come to the right page.

Make a fan on Facebook

To create a Facebook fan page is relatively easy if you know how Facebook and a few simple steps you can do. The first step of course is that you have an account on Facebook. Can a fan on Facebook, without creating a Facebook account. Now log into your Facebook account and bottom of the page. On the left side of the browser window, you see a logo of “f” and when you hover over him, he said: Click on the logo and you will see the link from Facebook Ads “The ads and pages.. In the top row you see the link “pages“. Also click on this link, you will create fan pages already. Because they do not, fan page, but you will see a message that says you are not create pages “and there is another message that states will” create a page. “
1. Click on “Create Profile” and was asked to respond to and complete a series of questions that goes with options.
2. The first category, and the options are “local“, “brand, product or organization” and “Figure Artist, Band or public.”
3. Select where the appropriate category from the election. Then you are invited to choose a name for the fan page.
4.Choose a name carefully and check the box that says “Do not visible to the public page at this time.” It’s because your site is still under construction and will be able to show you when it is done.
Now scroll down and see a box that says “Create Profile” and says that “When you click create the page, you agree that you are an official representative of the company, organization, agency or person is that is the theme of the Facebook page and have the rights to create and maintain the site. “This basically means that you can not create a page for fans of Sarah Jessica Parker and the Beatles, if you are connected officially with them. Assuming that your own fan page on Facebook, click on “Create”, and finally you can see your page.
Now that the basics of how to create a fan to know on Facebook, you must make it attractive. The first thing to do is upload a picture of yourself or your company logo. At a later stage, the picture can change by simply moving the cursor over the image. As your profile on Facebook, fan page also has a wall you can post your updates and labels for data, pictures and discussions.
Click the “edit info” and you will see a message for basic information, details and contact information. Fill in all the areas that you feel in relation to his fan page and click “Save Changes” button.
Now the last step in creating a Facebook fan page is click on the “Discussion” tab. Click “Start New Topic” and then enter a title for the debate, and some of the content. Now click on “Submit.” That was only the minimum you need to create a fan on Facebook. The best fan sites are those formed by towers of Facebook were created interactive and comment regularly, and subsequent updates. Meet your fans and take part in discussions. Now you know how to create a fan on Facebook, play themselves or promoting their business.


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