Blogger features and facilities


Blogger is one of the topmost blogging platforms in today’s world. But there are many people who are just beginners in this world. To them, here are a few mention worthy blogger features and facilities of blogger. This would help as an in-depth knowledge of blogger.

You can design your blog with blogger your way. The templates can be of huge help in the personalisation of your blog site. There are numerous easy to use templates that are pre-defined. You can change the colour of them according to your choice and according to the type of blog that you have and create an impact on the mind of the viewers.

You can also change the layouts. Changing layout according to your choice makes every blog stand apart with its own importance. Also, you can create a custom domain for yourself that would be easy for people to find and follow you.


The best part of blogger is that it connects with Google + and that helps you, as an user to connect and grow your audience through your Google +. You can view the comments on Google + to see who is saying what for your blog. You can join communities and hangouts and interact with your audience in real time.

Along with all this, you can earn money through blogger with the help of Google Ad Sense. Through this system, you can show advertisements that are relevant to the users and viewers and this way earn money whenever someone clicks on the ads.

Blogger can also be accessed from anywhere, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. You can add posts, share posts and even edit posts from anywhere, making blogger one of the most flexible interfaces.
The whole user experience is very friendly and that makes blogger all the more easy to use and popular. These features and many more will make your experience with blogger awesome.


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