Blogger account – the perks of having one


A blogger account is one thing that every person wishes to own. Be it for their own personal blogs or for commercial use. But for the laymen, what exactly is a blogger account and what are the perks of having one? Here is a detailed overview of it.

Once you have a blogger account, you can do a lot of things with it. Starting from owning a blog and then to even doing promotions on it. The blog will be sponsored by Google and you can make money through the blog by using Google’s feature Ad Sense and that way, your blogger account will be very helpful for you.

You will be then able to comment on the blogs of other people and your blogger username will be your identity. You will also be able to promote, talk and share with likeminded people on Google + and use their features for the overall development of your blog site or web site.


You will then also be liable to the security that is provided by Google and that would ensure that you have added security for your blog. This is one facility that is not available in the other blogging platforms. They are open platforms and the security of Google isn’t there.

By having a blogger account of your own, you can also write on your blog and let others know what you are thinking. Not only write, you can also show the world your abilities by putting them up on your blog.

The blogger account is supposed to be a Gmail account but then if you want, you can also add other accounts and join them with your blogger account so that you don’t have to worry if you don’t use the Gmail account much. With the blogger account in handy, you can do a lot of stuff other than just owning a blog in your name.


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