Background images for the blogging website


Background images are one thing that always catches the attention of everybody whenever someone visits one blog or website. WordPress and Blogger both supports background images and some already present themes are also there having beautiful background images.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to find free images for the blogging website. To begin with, it is useful to know that all the images that available on Google are subject to copyright laws. It is a given that even when the watermark of copyright is not given, it is still copyrighted.

But, not to worry. There are several places in the internet where free images are available that can be used on your website without having any kind of copyright issues. It is advised that when you sit for finding the perfect image, do not forget to see the size of it.

At times even though resizing works, but it also distorts the image and brings in a lot of noise in it. Images that are at least 1920px wide and 1080px in height are the best for being a background image. Dimensions that are more than the above mentioned one also does their work beautifully.


Websites such as freeimages, subtle patterns, etc are places where you can get unlimited free legal without copyright images for your website or blogging site. Along with these, there are also places where you can get background images for your website or blogging sites but they are not free.

Shutterstock is one of those websites that stock beautiful images but they cost a bit. The gallery of the above mentioned websites is wonderful and huge that is ready to supply you with as many wonderful images as you want to use in your WordPress or blogger websites or blogging sites.



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