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What are REGEX redirects and How to use?

What are REGEX Redirects? REGEX Redirects - redirects more than one source URL to a destination URL of the Website or Blog. It is easiest way to redirect multiple url's to new...

How to Get More Traffic with Effective SMO Tricks

Traffic is important for a website to appear at the top results of any search engine. So, you need effective SMO tricks to drive traffic to your website. Social media is most...

Save your images- Where?

Save your images on WordPress is something that happens on its own. You do not need to do anything special or different to do that. Once you upload an image on...

WordPress Hosting- which one is the best?

WordPress hosting is one of the most important things that is there in everybody’s mind whenever you think of having a successful website. It is also noted that website hosting is...
backup your data on wordpress

Backup your data on WordPress

Backup your data on WordPress whenever you post something. The fear of losing all the data that we have uploaded on our blog site or websites is a fear that stays...

Set up an email with Google Apps

You need to set up an email with Google apps whenever you think of doing anything on the internet related to your work. It is so because most of the things...

Rich snippets in WordPress

Rich snippets in any WordPress website or blog site for the links helps to gather more audience and attract them towards the link displayed when they come across it on the...

Mistakes one should avoid in Website Design for Better Traffic

Website design is the most important step in setting up website. The traffic in a website depends on the website design itself.   They say first impression is the last impression. Developing a...

Saving Image in WordPress Guide – Steps to Save Images Optimized For Web

Saving image in wordpress is an important step. It will help you to speed up and optimization of it.   But often the question is how to do that? When you are using...

Now upload large images to your site

You can now upload large images to your site without much hassle. For the people who have been using WordPress for quite some time must know that large images usually cannot...