Siri – how to use it on your iPhone?


Siri is a very easy to use and user friendly interface. Before knowing how to use Siri, if you haven’t yet, then you should set up Siri. Do not be confused if you have set up properly and you don’t see an application icon, because there aren’t any. Just say “Hey Siri!” and you are good to go. Written below are a few tips and tricks on how to use your new personal assistant effectively and effortlessly.

The latest update of the iOS8 gives a hands free mode to it when the phone is plugged into a power source. You know that your personal assistant is there to follow your commands when you hear two quick beeps to tell you that it has woken up.

Now that it has woken up, you can give it orders and it will follow them. The orders can range from asking it a question like “How are you?” or “How is the weather today?” to “Do this for me.” or “Do that for me.”

Clear instructions are something that Siri understands. You can begin by asking it to composing an e-mail or a text message. Siri has an automatic voice detection system which would immediately understand when you have stopped talking to it.


But, if you want, you can also press the microphone icon on the screen to tell it that you are done with speaking. Once the composing of the e-mail or text message is complete, it will also prompt you with a preview of the text or e-mail and ask you to confirm the whole draft so that there aren’t any issues.

You can talk to it the way you would talk to a friend or personal assistant and it would reply the very same way too. It also prompts you before calling someone if they have two numbers or two people with the same name, this way; Siri doesn’t cause any problem and is issueless


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