Pokemon Go iOS: How to install Pokemon Go for iPhone, iPad

Pokemon Go iOS: How to install Pokemon Go for iPhone, iPad

As it is the developing countries were not discriminated against enough, now we have to be discriminated in a wholly virtual way and that too “phoren style”. Pokemon Go iOS is the thing these days, the rage that’s raging almost in the entire world but countries in Asia, and that too on our more precious than our lives IOS devices. I cannot even recall the last time when Apple got gloomy thus. However, fear not for the following three ways will ensure that you get the entire fun of “catching them all” even if it is or would be a bit illegally on any of your iOS devices. Most of the iOS users are looking for guide on How to install Pokemon Go for iPhone, iPad.

How to install pokemon go in ios iphone ipad

This first way might be a bit complicated but then when was technology not, especially in a not so tech savvy population of India. The basic idea behind this first manner of downloading Pokemon Go is that since it is available only in the United States, Australia and New Zealand therefore, you would have to play a teleported for your phone and fool it into believing that you are in one of these regions. For this do the following:

  • Firstly, you have got to sign out of your current Apple ID.
  • Then go to your “region” settings (settings<general settings<location and region) and select one of the locations where in Pokemon Go is available.
  • Now open the “app store” where the option to download Pokemon Go should be available and if it not so then you would have to trouble yourself a bit more and create another “Apple ID” with the regional settings changed in order to download the game. Although while creating this new ID you must want to tap “none” under the billing menu and create an address of any of the countries who have been fortunate enough to have Pokemon rolling all around!
  • Also you can sign in in your previous ID once Pokemon Go becomes available in India and since you will once again become a proud owner of an Apple device after the game is officially launched and you can pick up right where you left it from since your data and activities get saved in iCloud.

Now the second way in which you can illegally fulfill your virtual gaming wishes is by doing the following, such thrill to be evading the law, eh?

  • Although the following website may or may not work in one go but it is worth a try considering our anticipation. Go to the website ios.hipestore.mobi on any of your iOS device and look for “Pokemon Go”.
  • Now select the 1.0 version under the “non jailbreak” head once you have put the game on for downloading (download now) and then press “download” once again.
  • Further, press “open in app store” and press “install” once the icon flashes so.
  • If the site does not work in one go then you can try once again after a few hours.

And since third time is a charm therefore you can try the following:

  • It is for all those people who are too lazy to tap a button . Download the app “Vshare” from the app store. One you are done with that open the app and you will find “Pokemon Go” as an option. Download it from there and have a great gaming experience.


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