Iphone 6S- more hidden features


Iphone 6S, as you all know, is a power packed performer with respect to its style, performance and features. You can know about the top 2 hidden features of the Iphone 6S here and then follow it up with a few more hidden features of the phone.

Apart from the features already mentioned like skipping application actions and peek and pop, one of the most interesting features of the phone is its power of adjusting 3D touch sensitivity. It is possible that at times because of the firm way that you have to press the touch screen; the coating on the phone display might wear out.

With the Iphone 6S, you can tweak that feature and lower the sensitivity. To do this, you have to go to the settings of your phone and click on it. Go to general and after clicking on it, go to accessibility. There, you will find an option saying 3D touch.

You will get a slider there which would range from Light to Firm. You can change to light (according to your preference) and select it. After that you wouldn’t have to touch on your screen such firmly and the oleo phobic coating will not wear out.


Now, let’s talk about the most important thing that we all need while we buy a phone- The camera. It goes without a saying that there is no comparison in the market when it comes to Iphone cameras.

But there are also moments when you want to click a picture but you aren’t able to at the right time because of the delay that it took to open the camera, changing the desired mode and then changing to the front camera for clicking Selfies.

The Iphone 6S comes with a quick actions menu. All you have to do press the camera application icon a bit firmly and you will have a pop-up option that will have the different way where you can use the application. Selfie mode, video modes are one of the basic options that are available on that popup menu. There are more hidden features on the Iphone 6S.


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