Iphone 6S – hidden features


Iphone 6S is the recent most product launched by Apple Inc. This phone is the perfect example of how style and features meet at one point. Even though it has a very easy to use interface, it is very interesting to know that there are several hidden features in the phone.

There is a hidden feature in the Iphone 6S which allows the users to skip application actions. In this function, you can let go of loading an application followed by choosing what is needed to be done or chosen. To do this, all you have to do is press the application’s icon for a bit longer than usual.


Once you do that, you will see that the screen pops up with a drop down menu which will house the different actions that the application can perform. Even though this feature is available now only on applications that are Apple verified, it is on the verge of being introduced to third party applications too.

Peek and pop is another hidden feature of Iphone 6S. It is a part and parcel of the 3D touch. To access this feature, you have to tap and hold on an e-mail or a web link and then you will have a peek at the contents that the e-mail or the web link holds.

In this position, swiping your finger up the way will reveal a menu of options that will prompt you to do actions such as open link, add to reading list etc. If you lift your fingers at that point, you will be back to the point you were. Instead, if you want to look into the contents of the web link or the e-mail then you just have to press a bit longer and pop! You will be inside the link.


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