FaceTime – use the facility


FaceTime is exactly what the title promises it to be it. Essentially a video calling feature for Apple devices this application has become the trend of the season. Through video calling you can talk to your near and dear ones. The two things that are needed along with an Apple device for the application? A front camera and internet. Simple!

Only devices that support iOS 4 and the later versions and desktops or laptops that support Macintosh X 10.6.6 onwards can run this application and use the facilities that are given by the application. The name of the application was acquired from a company with the same name that changed their name to Actiance, Inc.

Sized only at 8.8 MB this application is available in a variety of languages such as English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Korean, French etc. The initial release of this application was in June 2010 for iOS devices and 2011 February for Macintosh computers. Today it is also available on iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch amongst the others. The recent most update of this application took place in 2015.


In this application, you aren’t allowed to chat with more than one people simultaneously. It utilizes its features and gives in their best for a one on one talking platform. And when it comes to another third person calling in, then if the user receives the call then the call with the first user drops and you are connected to the second person.

Another very interesting feature of this platform is that if you get any kind of notification during the time the call is taking place and if you by chance look at it then the FaceTime chat would be paused. This would give you the time to read whatever notification you have got and get back to the user you were on call with.
This, and many more features bring together FaceTime as an application. What are you waiting for? Download it if your device doesn’t already have it and use it as much as you can to your liking.


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