Iphone 6S – a bout of hidden features


Iphone 6S has a few more hidden features apart from skipping application actions, peek and pop, adjusting 3D touch sensitivity and the quick actions menu. Some of the other hidden features are mentioned below.

– The creation of custom animated wallpapers is a feature that is available on the Iphone 6 and above models. This can be accessed by clicking on ‘live photo’ when you are setting the wallpaper. The other options that are seen with this feature are perspective and still.

– When we are already talking about pictures, wallpapers and cameras, it is time to say that Iphone 6S gives you the feature of reviewing the recent photos while you are already taking more. This facility makes sure that you can check the recent photos clicked by you without having to jump into the camera roll. This can be done by pressing firmly on the Camera roll thumbnail, which would result in showing you a roll of photos you have clicked. Once you lift the finger, you will be back to the camera application without having to go to the camera roll.


– Another feature of the 3D touch is that you can quickly communicate with everybody. How do we do it? If you ask, then the way is mentioned. All you got to do is firmly press a contact picture. This would bring to you the quick actions pop up and then you can easily click on the needed function like call, message or anything to do the needful.

Application switching has become easier with the updates the Iphone 6S has brought in. You no longer have to double press the home button to make the application switcher come to life. All you have to do is firmly press on the left edge of the display of your Iphone and slide it to the center to bring it up. If you do not bring it to the center and instead swipe towards the far right, then you will be allowed to switch between the last opened applications.


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