The Top Photo Editing Apps for Android Phones


Photo editing apps are always handy for the budding photographers who are trying to capture moments with their Smartphone cameras.

Since the advent of the Smartphone, photography has taken a totally different and advanced turn. Now when you can click some amazing photos with your mobile camera you can also edit them after clicking. So, when you are buying your next Smartphone, think of installing these apps to get a better picture quality than your average camera photographs.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and smoothest of all photo editing apps. You can easily modify the photos with just a few swipes of your fingers and the simple interface it offers. The feel of PC Adobe Photoshop is very much there in the photo editing app.

From the basic edit like rotation, flip, red eye removal, crop and blemish removal to the more complicated and professional edit and effects like vivid, drawn, mosaic can be done in your Smartphone effortlessly. This powerful tool is totally capable of handling large sizes files.



It is needless to say that the popularity of selfies is now at all time high. It has becomes the addiction of the current generation as well. However, when you uploading your most recent selfie on the Facebook timeline or Instagram or your favourite dating app, a last minute touch up is all just you need. This app is the best friend of all selfie lovers. Various and simple features make sure that you get the best selfies without blemishes, skin bumps, bags under your eyes. In fact, with the app you will get video tutorial for all the features that this app offers.


The name of the developer behind this app is Cyberlink. I am sure the name is enough to convince you about the massiveness of the app. It is a multipurpose photo editor. From adding overlays to the image to the creative effects that it lets you use, all of the features make it a must have in your phone.

Now just don’t click. Make it picture perfect with your top photo editor apps and show the world your photography prowess.


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