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iOS vs Android comparison

iOS vs Android Comparison is another very important and long debate that we have been into for ages. The credibility of both the operating systems, along with the pros and cons...

Android vs Windows comparison

Android vs Windows Comparison - that is a debate that has been there amongst smart phone users for years now. While most people support android because it has a valley of...

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 features and specifications

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is the most recent smart phone launched in the Redmi range. Since its inception, Xiaomi has taken a step closer to the likes to big brands....

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the most recently launched smart phone in their galaxy series. This phone will be available to the customers from March 2016. The Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications...

Android Marshmallow updates (6.0.1)

Android Marshmallow is the latest version of the Android operating system, and along with the Android Marshmallow updates, there has been a lot of changes that has taken place in the...

Android tips and tricks for the home screen

Statistics show that Android is in today’s time the most used smart phone operating system. Even though windows phone etc is in the competition but android by far rules with the...
How to order the Freedom 251

How to order the Freedom 251 smartphone?

The first phone in the freedom range, the freedom 251 smart phone is the cheapest smart phone one could ever pay their hands on. Priced at a meager sum of Rs.251/-...

HTC Butterfly new smartphone by HTC

After the grand success of HTC One V and HTC One X. HTC is back with its new mobile phone named HTC Butterfly. It is also known as HTC Deluxe. It has...
HTC Deluxe

HTC Deluxe

HTC has launched new smart phone named HTC Deluxe. HTC Deluxe is fully loaded mobile phone with 8MP of Camera, 5 inches of screen with 441 ppi pixel density. It have...

Humble Bundle for Android

Humble Bundle for AndroidThe modest package is back on Android and brings with it some large new sport not ever before glimpsed on the stage. If you don’t understand what Humble...