Nook- read your way


Nook or Barnes & Noble Nook whatever you prefer calling it, is an e-book reader that solves all your reading needs. Now a day, e-book reading is something that everyone does whenever they get time. For readers, this is one of their most feasible options.

For every reader, it is nearly impossible for them to read always but it is also impossible for them to not read. Travelling to and fro places is a good place to read the unread and at times it is the breaks that one gets in between works that seems to be a good time to read. But it is also not possible to carry a paperback or hardback physical book all the time with them, so why not carry an e-book reader?

Based on the android operating system, Nook is an e-reader which is capable of supporting 3G and Wi-Fi technology. It released back in 2010 and has been a sensation ever since. Not only one particular model, over the years, Barnes & Noble Nook has brought in many other versions or rather many other models of the e-reader.


Currently, there are a few models available in the markets which go by the name of Nook Glow Light Plus, Samsung Galaxy Tab Nook to name a few which has its special features to go with the market and the various things needed for any reader.

There are different sizes of the model available in the market. Along with different sizes, these e-readers have microSD card slots, internal storage of maximum 32 GB and even camera options (both front and back). At a maximum, the battery status of the e-readers range upto 4.000 mAH making them very much durable.
You can take it out with you when you are travelling and read books on it for as long as you want. All this and much more features of this make it one of the best e-readers available in the market for every reader.


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