iOS vs Android comparison


iOS vs Android Comparison is another very important and long debate that we have been into for ages. The credibility of both the operating systems, along with the pros and cons are mentioned below through a thorough market research and first hand usage.

Whenever the affordability factor comes into the equation then we have to give it to Android for hands down winning this. From owning high end devices to being also there in low end devices, that too the latest versions, android always have an upper hand whenever we talk about the affordability.

The iOS, on the other hand always come up with high end flagship devices. And whatever low budget smart phone they have aren’t up to date with the latest version, making them very slow to use. If someone wants to buy an iOS phone then they have to shell out a lot of money but they can get the very same details with a comparatively low end android smart phone.

When it comes to the interface, then there is a tie as both of them are very minimalistic user friendly interface. Both of them have interfaces that are very easy. Android also has a feature to download third party applications that will make the users feel as if they are using iOS or windows but iOS doesn’t have any such feature.


The applications they both share are very similar in nature. In fact, they are the same. Every application brings out two versions of their product one for android and one for iOS, making both operating systems widely appreciated when it comes to application usage.

The only thing that users feel when they buy an iOS instead of an android smart phone is the fact that iOS has high security but android doesn’t have that. The Apple phones are very hardy in nature whereas the android smart phones are very brittle.

All in all, for the people who want devices with higher security values no matter what the price is, for them iOS is the winner whereas, if the user is in need of applications and everything apart from high end security then they should go for android.


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