How to order the Freedom 251 smartphone?

How to order the Freedom 251

The first phone in the freedom range, the freedom 251 smart phone is the cheapest smart phone one could ever pay their hands on. Priced at a meager sum of Rs.251/- this phone is a very compact phone that has all into one.

A 4” qHD IPS display makes this phone a very handy phone. This phone also features a 3.2MP back camera with flash that allows you to capture pictures in great light and resolution even in the darkness. A .3mp camera adorns the front of the phone that allows you to take beautiful selfie’s at any time of the day giving the users the freedom to capture.

The phone also gives the freedom to connect, which means 24*7 internet connectivity along with different pre-installed applications in the phone itself. Expandable upto 32GB of SD card storage, the 1.3 GHz Quad core processor comes with a 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory making it one smooth experience for the users.
All this, along with the latest version of Android- lollipop 5.1 brings in the best of this phone, making it a very cheap and compact phone one could think of. You can order this phone from website.

Once you go to the website, you will have an option in green that states BUY NOW. Now that you have clicked on the link, you will get a form to fill. Fill in your name, e-mail ID, number and shipping address following which click on Next. You will be taken to the payment gateway. Fill in the details necessary and click on Order now. You will get confirmation mails and messages about the phone.

You can keep a track on the status of the shipment of the phone any time of the day through the messages that they keep on sending you from time to time.


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