Android vs Windows comparison


Android vs Windows Comparison – that is a debate that has been there amongst smart phone users for years now. While most people support android because it has a valley of options as compared to windows, here is appoint to point comparison on the same.

To begin with, let us talk about the affordability. When we talk about the affordability of phones, it goes without saying that android rules. It has the much in demand flagship devices and also the low end vices, making it a very effective and affordable smart phone operating system. Whereas, Windows runs behind in this race. The issue with windows is that if you have to buy affordable devices then you won’t get the features that are needed but when you need features, the prices automatically rise.

If we talk about the interface then I would like to mention that both are easy to use. While android have a very easy and user friendly interface and so have windows. The minimalistic approach that both of them has is what makes them both stand at an equal place while comparing in terms of interface.


When we talk about the applications that can be used in these operating systems then I would like to mention that we can use any applications that we want to. But it has to be mentioned that certain applications are android specific and you have to use just the BETA version on windows phone. One of the most favored and widely used applications, Instagram, being one of them.

If you are one of those people who like to personalize and customize their phones then I would prefer referring android for them because windows is one operating system that doesn’t give much personalization scope when it comes to mobile phones. Whereas, android gives a wide range of options.

To end the comparison I would like to say that standing at one point, both android and windows give a wonderful user interface but android are the winner when people want everything in one and windows wins when you need a professional operating system.


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