Android tips and tricks for the home screen


Statistics show that Android is in today’s time the most used smart phone operating system. Even though windows phone etc is in the competition but android by far rules with the maximum votes. With the latest versions of the operating system always coming in the market and the increasing demand for personalization by the users, here are a few tips and tricks that can help personalize the home screen of the Android phone.

It is very safe to presume that the smart phone home screen has too many shortcuts of applications listed there making the screen look too chaotic for any person. To clean up the home screen and make it look awesome without removing any of the shortcuts, you can go for the following tricks.
First, click on any shortcut(s) and drag it to make another shortcut. You will see that as soon as you do it, the icons go a bit transparent and a new folder creation is being indicated. Click on the newly created folder and you will notice that there is a small window that is popping up having your apps in it.

This would mean that your new folder with the needed apps is created. The folder has different options given in it, like adding more applications or even renaming the folder. According to your usage and preference, you can rename the folder by the name you want and even divide the different applications you use into different folders.

This would make your android smart phone home screen look presentable, clean, and not too chaotic and it would be there with a personalized touch of yours. You can easily swipe through the applications that you use and not get lost while searching for your favorite or most used application in the middle of the sea of other applications that you use.


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