Android Marshmallow updates (6.0.1)


Android Marshmallow is the latest version of the Android operating system, and along with the Android Marshmallow updates, there has been a lot of changes that has taken place in the whole view of Android.

Though in comparatively new phones only, Android Marshmallow updates are by far the best in the market. Here is a list of updates given by this new update-

• Let’s talk about the design and visual changes in the beginning. Out of the many drastic changes that the new update have brought forth, one of them is the settings shortcuts. In the new update, the original settings icon is there but inside it, you find the icon of the shortcut you have created, making it prettier and easier to use.

• The lock screen has also changed a bit. Even though it is very similar to the lock screen of that of Lollipop update but the major change is that the dialer shortcut has been changed with a Google’s voice search that is both innovate and easy to handle.


• The Home screen also has been revamped by bring in the same voice command functionality. Google Now on Tap has been changed and has been launched by the long press on home button.

Notifications and quick settings have also seen major changes with the Android Marshmallow updates. It has become a two part notifications and quick settings area. You can swipe down first to see the notifications and the second swipe would take you to the quick settings. You can also change the settings that are there and customize them too.

Along with all of them, there are many more new and updated features that are there with the new 6.0.1 update which include a range of whole new emojis, dark themes and rotation support which makes this update not only user friendly but a very feature based update.


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