Temple Run play the game


Temple Run, the game has been breaking all records from the time it has been launched in the smart phone world. Ranking the best in the android games list, this game has been downloaded by users as hot cakes.

To talk about what exactly the game is about, I would like to mention that the game is an endless running game in 3D that is developed by Imangi Studios. Even though initially this game had been devised for iOS devices, it took the world by storm when Android got a version of this game and then Windows phone (8 onwards) followed soon after.

Yes, there is also a sequel to this exceptionally addictive game and the original and the sequel have been downloaded n number of times on the internet by various users from all over the world and all kinds of operating systems.


To speak of the game, this game gives the users a very friendly appearance. The story of the game says that there is an explorer (whose avatar can be changed according to the levels you go up and coins you collect) who steals a treasure from a temple.

The explorer is now chased by 3D demons or 3D monkeys who are eager to eat them up. The best part of the game is while running and crossing hurdles, you can collect coins and ‘lives’ throughout. The game is endless, which would only mean that these demons or monkeys would keep on following you.

Till the time you either fall somewhere or die somehow in the game. There are many hurdles that you have to cross and the game even lets you turn left and right. It is a motion sensing game and that allows you to move your phone to collect coins. The touch screen of your phone is the other navigation key. All you have to do is swipe right, left, up, down for it.


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