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Talking Tom and friends have been one of the highest downloaded games ever to be made since its inception in 2010. Today, the game has been downloaded so much that it is being used in iOS, android and Windows phone alike and gained much popularity in all the platforms.

This game by Outfit7 doesn’t only have Talking Tom but it includes Tom and his whole gang. The gang includes Talking Angels, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Hank and Talking Pierre. Along with this, under this whole brand name there are around 15 more applications.

The main idea behind this game is someone with whom one can interact. It’s like making someone grow. How a real pet would behave. Talking tom, for instance can be talked to. He can also be taken to washrooms, given food to and can be made to sleep.

Along with that, there are different types of small games that are available which Talking tom can play. Tom is the main character and the other characters are formed as ‘friends’ of tom. The closest of them all is Talking Angela, who is Tom’ girlfriend.


Their applications are also entwined for they can go to dates and write love letters to each other. Angela can do the same things that Tom does, only more. You can even make angela wear makeup and change the dresses worn by her, just like you’ll do to your own cat.

You can pet them and watch them grow under your supervision. Feed them and make them sleep. Talking ginger is the nephew of Tom. Talking Ben being Tom’s best friend. Talking Pierre is a parrot that is fond of anything that is related to music whereas Talking Hank is Tom’s roommate.

He is also loved by Ginger a lot. All this and more with the Talking tom and friends updates make them very interesting to play and famous too.


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