Subway Surfers – play the game


Subway Surfers became the top most played game on Android devices after its inception. An endless running game that has been developed by Kiloo. Only available on mobiles, this game has also caught up with the rest of them and has become a part of iOS and windows after running successfully on android. Here is how you can play it.

The main idea of this game is surrounded by a few teenage hooligans (the users) who have been caught while applying graffiti to a metro railway site and are being chased by the inspector and his dog. The main idea is to run from them as to not get caught.

While running, the user can collect gold coins but it’s not that easy as it sounds. There are many collisions and other objects that are blocking the way of the kids who they have to dodge and move forward. The game is endless so that’s why the game has to be played till either the kid gets caught or dies.

While you go through levels of Subway Surfers, you are able to collect and unlock different types of power-ups and characters respectively who are used to play the game in the further levels. In one such power-up, the hooligan is supposed to fly on hover boards which would enable them to go over the trains and overheard wires.


This and many more such power-ups are there in the game which makes this game one of the most favourite and most played game in the history of android games. The three main characters that are there in the game are Jake, the inspector and his dog.

The power-ups and the different kinds of characters that you unlock in the stages of the game would mean the changing of the character Jake. The producer of this game also releases different types of updates during the seasons which make the game all the more interesting.


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