How to Download and Play Pokemon Go in India ? Complete Guide

How to download and play pokemon go complete guide

1. How to Play Pokemon Go: Complete Guide

How to Download Pokemon Go Android Apk

Our Pokemon Go Complete Guide will cover every single points and try to explain with images & steps from How to Download pokemon Go and How to play Pokemon Go. All you have to do is read the Pokemon Go complete Guide and follow the steps to understand the concept of the Pokemon Go Game.

Our Pokemon Go Guide is divided in following parts

  1. How to play Pokemon Go
  2. How to Download and install Pokemon Go in iOS and Android
  3. How to start Pokemon Go game
  4. Pokemon Go Game features and Game Options
  5. How to catch more and more Pokemon in order to level- up
  6. How to capture a Pokemon in Pokemon Go
  7. How to get bonuses when throwing Pokemon Ball
  8. What are Pokemon Gym battles and teams


2. How to Download and install Pokemon Go in iOS and Android

Here is all that you would ever need or want to know about How to download and play Pokemon Go this is the complete guide for you.

This site has other articles delineating how to download Pokemon Go on the iOS and How to Download Pokemon Go on Android.

You can download Pokemon Go for Android Smartphone and iOS Apple iPhone or iPad. All the steps are mentioned in the article, just all you have to follow the steps, download it and install it.

Next Page: we will guide you how to start Pokemon GO game after downloading and installing the game

3. How to start Pokemon Go Game

How to signup Pokemon Go Game using Gmail Account

Third part of the Pokemon Go Guide will guide you how to signup pokemon go game using gmail account. Best part of signing up using gmail account is “Reliability” and “Security”. Why we are using words like Reliability and Security because in this way you can trust that your account is safe hand and game process will be saved with your account.

  • The first and foremost thing that one would require in order to start enjoying the game is logging in to their gmail accounts and if one doesn’t have a gmail account then one needs to create a new account, it’s not a great hassle though!
  • Accept the “terms and conditions “, read them before accepting, who am I kidding when have we ever read the T&C


  • Anyway once you are done with this the next step is to choose your character in game to progress ahead. Along with that you can change the looks of your player once the game starts, the options range from changing features like eyes, hair clothes et-cetra.

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4. Various Pokemon Go Game features and Game Options

Main features of Pokemon Go Game are as follows:

  • Pokemon Go Game is kind of virtual reality game.
  • Here you need to walk down the street to catch the pokemon around your places. It is a necessarily to move out of your house in order to catch your first Pokemon.
  • You can toggle on or off the augmented reality feature since it consumes a lot of battery.
  • Try going to populated places as there are more chances of catching and encountering various Pokemon.
  • There are several important places in your city or locality, here you will find POKESTOPS. These pokestops will give you Pokemon balls and pokemon eggs


  • You will also find Poekmon GYM were you can train all your pokemon and increase the power to fight with other players.


The following items in the “items” section are crucial, therefore here is a little know how on how to use them :

  1. Incense – this item will help you to lure Pokemon without you having to work much at all
  2. Revive – as the name is pretty much self- explanatory , it helps to revive an injured Pokemon
  3. Potion- this helps one to weaken a strong Pokemon before catching them in pokeballs to make the same easier
  4. Lure – unlike incense, lure does not only attract the Pokemon towards you and a number of other players too!
  5. Pokeball – each pokeball must be used judicially even though they are available at every Pokestop
  6. Razz Berry – it is a sort of bribe for the Pokemon, if the lure and the incense both don’t work then this item will surely do to catch the nasty runaways
  7. Camera- it’s simple there to catch the Pokemon in action and share it with your friends and family members
  8. Incubator – eggs/ Pokemon hatch in these only after you cover a certain amount of distance
  9. Egg Incubator – the second incubator is faster but it works only three imes so use it wisely.

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5. Catch more and more Pokemon in order to level- up

Catching more and more Pokemon is completely depends upon your locality, weather and many more. Pokemon’s can be found on locality based on your GPS and weather were you are located, then only will be able to see pokemon in that area.

Pokemon’s are the real world based creatures like Zubats and Rattata, these are some of the creature which can be found everywhere. Similarly if you are locality is desert or grass area then you will found different types of pokemon in your location.

On Based of the following Pokemon are divided in 3 parts. These data are collected using the following own location, Climate and Twitter contributions. There are three basic groupings of common Pokémon:

  • Fire and Rock types like Geodude, Sandshrew, and Mankey are far more likely to appear in arid climates like California
  • Grass, Bug, and Flying types like Caterpie, Weedle, Oddish, and Spearow will pop up in grassland areas
  • Psychic and Water-type Pokémon like Psyduck, Poliwag, Staryu, and Magikarp favor coastal land


Following are some tips and tricks to make you a pioneer trainer:

  • Always try and go to populated places . a park is an ideal choice with a fountain, or a water body et-cetra since the kind of topography could determine the typ of Pokemon that you could come across.
  • Going at night might also help you to catch pretty distinct pokemon which may not pop out during the daytime . Although one should take care of where they are going and preferably hunt for Pokemon in small groups if at night !
  • Hunting pokemon in groups or twos might also be a good idea

6. How to capture a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Catching a Pokemon is bit tricky, there are 3 types to catch the Pokemon

For low-CP Pokemon

  1. Tap on the Pokemon showing on your radius on the map.
  2. When the catch screen loaded, make sure the Pokemon is visible on your screen.
  3. Now just Tap and hold the Poke Ball.
  4. Wait until the glowing green, orange, or red ring gets to its smallest diameter, then flick your finger directly toward the Pokemon and release your hold on the screen.
  5. If done correctly, you’ll bop the Pokémon on the head, and it will disappear into the Poké

For mid-to-high-CP Pokemon

This guide is for those Pokemon with following colors: yellow, orange or red circles. Catching such Pokemon won’t be easy to catch on the first try. You will need better Poke Balls and special items. To pacify the Pokémon and make it easier to catch, you can feed it a Razz Berry (You can found at PokeStops starting at level 6). Once you hit level 10, you’ll also have access to Great Balls (and at 20, Ultra Balls) that provide a higher catch rate.

  1. You will need to tap on the Pokemon showing in your radius on the map.
  2. When the catch screen loads, make sure the Pokemon is in view.
  3. Tap the Backpack icon.
  4. Select a Razz Berry, then tap the Berry again to feed it to the Pokemon.
  5. From here, you can either use a basic Poke Ball, or tap on the Backpack icon again and choose another ball type to throw.
  6. Tap and hold on whatever Poke Ball you’ve chosen.
  7. Wait until the following lighting circle are visible: green, orange or red ring. Now wait until it gets to its smallest circle, then flick your finger directly toward the Pokemon (or throw a curveball) and release your hold on the screen.

7. How to get bonuses when throwing Pokemon Ball

On catch each and every

Whatever bonus you’re going for, remember to tap and hold on the Poké Ball to start the ring cycle so that you can wait to toss your ball until the ring is at the correct point. (Even if the Pokémon attempts to rear back or do some sort of movement to break the circle, keep holding your Poké Ball — they’ll eventually return, and you won’t lose your ball if you keep holding onto it.)

To get the Nice 10XP bonus, you want to catch the Pokémon at the moment the circle is at its widest. That usually means throwing while the circle is at its smallest, and attempting to land straight on the Pokémon’s head.

To get the Great 50XP bonus, you want to catch the Pokémon when the circle is exactly halfway: I’ve only gotten this bonus once or twice, because it requires crazy timing. Ideally, you want to toss the ball when the circle is two sizes away from its biggest size, and land square in the center of the circle.

To get the Excellent 100XP bonus — and a close-to-guaranteed catch — you need to catch the Pokémon in the direct middle of the circle when at its smallest. This move is easier to attempt on smaller Pokémon (like Eevee) instead of bigger creatures, because of where their heads are positioned relative to the circle. To score the bonus, wait until the circle is pretty small, then toss your ball straight on.

To get the Curveball 10XP bonus — and an almost-guaranteed catch — you can spin the Poké Ball in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction until it starts vibrating, then toss it toward the Pokémon. I find this method pretty difficult to achieve regularly, so I often do an alternate method: Instead of curving, then tossing, I put the side of my thumb on the screen and throw — the contact patch makes the game think I’m spinning the ball before throwing.


8. Gym battles and teams

Always pair Pokemon against their opposites especially in a gym battle. Here is how you can match your Pokemon:

  • Normal: Fighting
  • Fire:Water, Ground, Rock
  • Water:Electric, Grass
  • Electric:Ground
  • Grass:Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
  • Ice:Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
  • Fighting:Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Poison:Ground, Psychic
  • Ground:Water, Grass, Ice
  • Flying:Electric, Ice, Rock
  • Psychic:Bug, Ghost
  • Bug:Fire, Flying, Rock
  • Rock:Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
  • Ghost:Ghost
  • Dragon:Ice, Dragon, Fairy
  • Steel:Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Fairy:Poison, Steel 
  • As tempting as it might be to use your stardust or candy to evolve your Pokemon it is better to dispense with it shrewdly because as you level –up the type of pokemon that you encounter also are better and have a higher CP, therefore you might want to evolve pokemon with a higher CP and not a low one .
  • Lucky Eggs, which you can get as level rewards and buy from the Shop, will double your personal Trainer XP you collect for thirty minutes. One can use these pretty effectively to whip up one’s level while catching multiple Pokémon, but the best time to use these eggs is when one is  evolving a Pokemon.
  • Normally, you get 500XP for evolving a Pokémon but with a Lucky Egg enabled, that jumps to 1000XP each time. If you have a ton of Squirtle, for example, you can evolve them into Blastoise with just 12 Pidgey Candy.
  • Add different sorts of Pokemon to a friendly gym because although it might seem like an all fire Pokemon gym is peerless yet it makes the same highly vulnerable to the water Pokemon gym.
  • In order to catch Pokemon effectively and earn higher points , try spinning the Pokeball and then hrow it on the narrowing circle around the Pokemon.
  • If you swipe left or right to dodge at the beginning of a battle, you’ll often give yourself an extra attack or two before your opponent can catch up.
  • If you are unable to find Pokestops then you might want to refer to Nintac’s previous game “Ingress” as the company has used the same portal maps for Pokemon Go, so refer to the former for the same .
  • Those green fluttering leaves have frustrated Pokémon Go players from the beginning, If you hang out in that vicinity for long enough, you have a chance of seeing creatures not on your radar map appear.
  • Game developer Niantic’s servers are frequently overloaded, and as such, sometimes your game can crash or severely hang after you catch a Pokémon, leaving it motionless in its Poké Ball. Don’t panic:Force quit the game and re-open it. In the crash, you’ll either have automatically caught the Pokémon (check your Pokédex), or it will still be spawned and waiting for you.