Candy Crush Saga play the game


Candy Crush Saga a name that has been famous in the smart phone gaming world since its inception in the year 2012. It was first released as a part of social media network, facebook but then it went on to be released in iOS platforms and finally on Android due to its wide usage.

The playing of this game is very simple and easy. Moreover, this game is very user friendly. Any kind of user and layman can use this game and play it without any difficulties. The game involves different kinds and types of candies.

Yes, it surely looks yummy! With these candies all you have to do is swipe them up, down, left, right and then match the candies in four or more similar ones. This means, either get a “Striped” candy and clear the entire row or column or a “Wrapped” candy to bomb the others.


When the wrapped candy is busted, it clears the surrounding 8 candies. The “colour bomb” is one type that removes all the candies that has the same colour. There are special candies which can be matched together and the result will be a different candy altogether.

There are many kinds of candies that can be purchased free from the in game application store as you go up in levels or that can be won from the booster wheel inside the game. Whereas, there are many paid candies too.

Jelly fish is one such power up that can be got for free from the store that helps in clearing 3 pieces of the board at random. Another such power up is the coconut wheel which focused on changing 3 candies in a row to striped candies.

All this and much more makes candy crush saga game one of the most widely played game of the smart phone gaming world and the repeated interesting updates only adding to the popularity of the game as time passes.


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