WhatsApp – a new way of staying connected


WhatsApp! The word is the easiest way to say “What’s up?” to the world through an application. A mobile application to be precise. Initially released back in 2010, it has taken the world by a storm since it has come in the market.

Initially only an iPhone application it became a Blackberry application soon after its version 2.0 was released. The slow yet remarkable changes and updates in the application made the application have many setbacks but finally they managed to achieve what they always wanted to.

It was when it became an Android application that it gained the maximum usage. Today, approximately there are users upto 1 billion or even more, replacing usual text messages with itself and become the standard of instant messaging.

Facebook, the social platform took over WhatsApp in the year 2014 and it has been growing ever since. The usage of this application is very simple, all you got to do is create a user account with your phone number, your name, your photograph and it will be automatically stored in the database of WhatsApp as a user.


All you would need is an active internet connection to use the application as this application cannot work without the internet connection. The problem of logging in or logging out every time you want to access it isn’t there.
In fact, you can text anyone who has the application through WhatsApp. All you would need is their contact name in your list. You can set either pre-set statuses alongside your name or even set your own status to show the world. The picture you add can also be changed.

The privacy is there and the application gets synced with the notifications of your phone and whenever a new message arrives, you get a notification. Share audio, share video, share pictures and connect with the world through texts and add emoticons for effects.


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