Top Android Apps that are ruling 2016 – Part 2


Yesterday, we discussed about the best apps for productivity, job search and weather forecast. Now, today let’s discuss a few new and updated apps that are creating quite a storm in the world of technology in 2016.

Best Launcher App for Android – Action Launcher 3

Bored with the same look of your android phone? The launcher app will help you to get one customized look for your android device. They come with new icons, new app drawers layout, new homescreen and wallpaper to suit your phone and your need.

If you ask us we would recommend Action Launcher 3. It is a perfect introduction for you for launcher apps. The clear and intuitive interface lets you enjoy many features like never before. Tweaking up the phone little bit by changing app drawers, app icons or the look of homescreen folder can be done so easily.

smart-phone-apps-e1431787301463Best Security/ antivirus App on Android – Mobile Security and Antivirus from Avast

Mobile security is the constant issue in the case of using android. It often makes the system crop us while using. But if you have our current favorite app with you, Mobile Security and Antivirus Avast, you are sorted.

This app keeps the phone safe from malware threats with the virus detection software. It searches through the browser history, micro SD card, and internal storage. It also employs anti theft features like location tracking, remote data wipe. All of these features work even when you don’t have the phone in you possession.

Avast is comprehensive enough as far as free mobile security is concerned.

Best Android Browser App – Chrome Beta

Chrome is the best browser for any android user in the world. It is more popular because it is a Google product and it is pre installed in all the android phones. However, there is nothing wrong to go for something better, right? Chrome Beta is just the better version of Chrome that you are already using.

Chrome app is yet to offer the new features that Google is going to apply. But with Chrome Beta you will be able to experience it beforehand as it is already a better version. The flip side of these advanced features is it often has bus and issues. However, it is not going to harm your phone and the software anyway.

There are a few more interesting features left to discuss. So, are you using any of these features in your phone? Share with us in your comments. Stay tuned for the next installment of this article.


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