Top Android Apps that are ruling 2016


Searching a perfect android phone is tough. Searching the right apps for all your needs is daunting. What are the top android apps? What will be the great weather app? Which shopping app can fulfill all your needs? All of these questions keep on baffling you since the time you have started using android apps. Moreover, more and more new apps are making it difficult for you to choose every day.

So, when you are thinking about which apps you should try you need to do a little bit of research. However, it always becomes difficult as there are many sources that focus only the most popular one. If you are buying a new android phone and thinking about using the most updated apps, you are absolutely at the right place. We are bringing for you the glimpse of the best apps of 2016 that you must try to indulge a better Smartphone experience.

Best Productivity App – Dashlane

When you have a Smartphone in your hand, you have your whole world with you. You can do anything and everything with it. So, when it comes to the best feature of it we can think of either productivity or utility.

When you are managing all your social accounts, mail and different website accounts from your phone you need to remember your password. However, it is probably the most difficult job for anyone. Let’s be real, we all must have forgotten one or two passwords in our lifetime for sure. But what if you have something to take care of it all? Well, Dashlane is meant for you. It is the best thing for any android Smartphone user. It saves all the passwords so you can easily copy and paste them to use.

The most common concern regarding such apps is the question, whether it is secure enough? To answer it, Dashlane uses encrypted codes and they are regularly monitored to ensure utmost security.

Best Job Search App – Indeed

Those days are long gone when one had to sit down with the classified section of a newspaper to find a new job. Now it is just a swipe of finger away. Already the job portals like Indeed has made it easier for you to narrow down the result according to your needs and thus helping you to find the better job easily. But now they have come up with their app.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 12.08.49 PM

Now with this app you can search for job on the go, anytime anywhere. The apps provide you the chance of narrowing down the result according to the employment type, regions, salary and so on. In fact, the app can bring up only the jobs that you have not viewed yet. You can upload your resume with it too so that the employers can find you for the suitable positions.

Best Weather App – Morecast

When you want to know the accurate weather forecast, you need something more, something better than the pre-installed apps in your phone.

Currently we are crushing over the Morecast app. True to its name, it is more than any other app. It boasts on a best looking interface, clear layout and more advanced features. You can compare the weather of two different cities side by side. It also comes handy when you are traveling as it gives you the accurate forecast of the route. The best part of it is it’s free.

There are some more apps that are still left. Stay tuned to know more in our next article.


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