Snapchat are you snapping yet?


Snapchat is the latest application, created in 2011 that has become everybody’s favourite. Meaning exactly what the name suggests, it is basically an application that helps you to clicks pics to talk and chat with people who are in your list.

The best part of snapchat that is making it soar high in the rating list? The very fact that the pictures are impermanent. The permanency of the pictures doesn’t last more than 1 day and that means that after a period of time; even you won’t be able to see your own pictures. Thus, safety guaranteed.

Not only you can click pictures, you can also record videos and along with that add fun filters to them. Texts can also be added to the picture to show the contacts what you would like to say. The story is basically like the news feed of facebook where whatever you share will be seen by all in the contact list but you are also allowed to send snaps to personal contacts.

Not only the contacts of your list, you can also see the snap stories that have been uploaded by different channels and different themes by clicking on them.


Contacts can be added to the list by using their usernames or their phone contacts. Customizable snap codes are also a function that helps you add contacts or you can add random people by “add nearby” function.

After the 1 day of free visibility if you want the snap to be there or you want to keep it for an extended period of time then you have to buy the snap at a minimalistic cost and you will be able to have the story to yourself.

The application acts as a webcam and uses your front cam to click pictures of yours to be shared on the story of your dashboard. It can also be changed to identify the camera lens of your back camera to do the same work.


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