Review: Hike messenger Application


The top most free messaging platform, which sends messages to numbers who doesn’t have internet is Hike messenger. Through this platform, you can talk to users who are in hike and the others who aren’t in hike without having to pay for any messages.

It was launched in 2012 end and today, it is running on its 4.1.0 edition. The fact that it is a cross platform instant messaging service was what made it an instant hit amongst the others competing in the market.

Along with sending text messages to contacts from the application, you can also send graphic stickers, emoticons to express yourself in a much better way. In addition, you can also send images, videos, audios, different kinds of files, user location, contacts and voice messages too.

The newest version of hike messenger has group chat features and features that change the wallpaper of any particular chat. All you need to have is access to internet to utilize the best of hike messenger.


Free group calls are also one of the features of this messaging service. There is an increased level of privacy when you chat these days. Hike also gives you a feature of hiding your message so that anyone who gets hold of your phone cannot see what are the messages that have been exchanged between you and the others.

Today, hike messenger is being used by more than half of the population due to its availability in global platforms like android, windows and even blackberry, iOS. As much as you chat in this messaging service, you earn hike points which give you the facility to send free messages to the contacts without the internet.

The frequent updates of hike are only increasing the user base of the service and helping it grow. The stickers are also updated on the basis of all the TV shows, games and even calendars making it a more personalised application. Hike Messenger is available as Android Apps and iOS Apps



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