Life360- stay close to your family


Life360 is a great platform that helps you stay connected to your family at all times. Being a location based service; this application makes it easier for the other family members in your circle to know that you are safe and are at such and such place at the current moment.

Even though Life360 was founded in 2008 and had started operating from that time, it was in 2013 that it got the most recognition when Google announced that it had decided to stop one of its very famous location based services.
The recipient of many awards, this application runs successfully on Android, iOS and Windows phones. The main features that this application gives are locations sharing, circles, places and premium.

First about circles. The circles that are given by default in this application are caregivers, extended family and John’s baseball team or friends if you can call them that. Here you can invite your family members to join this application and together you can talk, send messages and know where you are.


When it comes to the feature of locations sharing, you can also check in the application and it would automatically save your location so that your family members of people of the circle know where you are and when did you check in or check out.

For the premium services, you get a whole new variety of services that allows saving places, stolen phone insurance. It also has an access to a live advisor any time of the day for 7 days. The saving of the places is unlimited and there is also an emergency roadside assistance in case you need it.

All this and more comes packed up in an application called Life360 which brings you closer to your family in the middle of the busy schedule that you have and be in control of where they are and if they are safe or not.


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