How to Download Pokemon Go Android Apk, Install and Play

How to Download Pokemon Go Android Apk

Here is all that you need to know How to download Pokemon Go Android Apk on your Android cell- phones, the game which is  making the world a raving Pokemon catching party; Pokemon GO!!

Unfortunately the game is still not available in India as in many other continents of the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK or countries like Germany et-cetra. Yet many people have been able to savour this game on their iPhones and android supported mobile phones. The “how to download Pokemon Go on iOS “is also available on this site, for that you just need to search the given title a bit in the search bar. Since the android users too have been unable to download the game, here is how you will be able to do the same in some five easy steps!

  • Now the game is not available on Google PlayStore as the game has not been officially launched in many Asian countries, therefore if you would try to download the game with the help of the former, then it would just show the following;” this content is not available for downloading in your country” and might I add yet because I am going to provide you with the following fruitful steps in order to do the same.
  • All you need to do is go to the website “” and type the name “Pokemon Go” in its search bar, the game should anyway be easily available and visible as soon as you open the website as it is indeed one of the hot sellers these days. Remember: the game is supported by a minimum android version, 4.4 Kitkat, and runs seamlessly on Marshmallow.
  • You can open the given website with the help of chrome. Android software always asks for permission before permitting you to download an exterior file and for that you would have to go to “settings“. Now Tap on Security option (some android phones are also labelled as Privacy). Now Tap on Unknown sources in order to change it to remove security and allow files to be downloaded of the third parties. In this way you can install Pokemon Go on Android Phone.
  • Make sure that you download only those files which are genuine because you would not want your phone to be virus ridden and lose all your files just to catch ‘em all. Yes, we do need to “catch ‘em all” but without losing our sight of the reality, and our phones are more than “augmented reality” in our lives, they are our lives, sadly enough, eh?! BE AWARE OF MALWARE.
  • Anyway once you are done with the above steps and reading the moral sermons, start downloading the file which had “Niantic .inc” written in its description as Niantic is the father, mother, progenitor whatever you may want to call it of “Pokemon Go”. It is also a possibility that your server might show “server error “ a number of times, in such a situation fret not and keep trying as this technical glitch is very common with any “just “ released application. Once downloaded, you can install the game and start playing. Also, since the game requires a lot of your personal and phone data therefore you might also want to “turn on” the following in the settings and allow the game access to the same; location, media, contacts and camera.



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