Dubsmash says it with a song


Dubsmash has become a phenomenal hit amongst everybody since its inception in 2014. The concept that it brought with itself was fresh and that is why it has been appreciated by everybody starting from celebrities to their fans.

First published as an iOS application, the immense popularity of the application made the makers bring out the very same application in the Android platform too. The main idea behind this application was very easy.

All you have to do is lip sync over the audio clips that will be played in the background. The audio clips may be various dialogues of different films, it can be dialogues from songs or from the characters you choose.

The audio can be uploaded by any user and the user can also add different kinds of filters while using Dubsmash. The filters that can be uploaded with the video can be colours, stickers or even frames. The application lets you save the video you have made.


Along with saving it, you also have the opportunity to share the video you have created with your friends via social media services like whatsapp, facebook or even Instagram, which, in turn also allows making further changes in the video.

This way, you can mimic the actors or actresses you have adored. You can sing with their songs (by just lip-syncing) and you can also do your own antics in front of the camera and record them. The videos are very small and are usually snippets of the longer ones.

You can keep on retrying to make one video until and unless you are satisfied with the video you have made. The video can be made using either the front camera of your device or the back camera of your device and all you got to do is be yourself in front of it. So, download Dubsmash says it with a song and join the league.


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