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Top Android Apps for a Perfect Selfie

Selfie is the rage now. So are the top Android apps for selfie too. Look at everywhere, from social media to television, and you will find everyone clicking happy selfies of...

Nook- read your way

Nook or Barnes & Noble Nook whatever you prefer calling it, is an e-book reader that solves all your reading needs. Now a day, e-book reading is something that everyone does...

Top Android Apps that is ruling 2016 Part 3

What is a Smartphone without the fun Android apps that can perk up your day? In the previous articles we have discussed about the essential apps that are necessary to make...

Top Android Apps that are ruling 2016 – Part 2

Yesterday, we discussed about the best apps for productivity, job search and weather forecast. Now, today let’s discuss a few new and updated apps that are creating quite a storm in...

Life360- stay close to your family

Life360 is a great platform that helps you stay connected to your family at all times. Being a location based service; this application makes it easier for the other family members...

Top Android Apps that are ruling 2016

Searching a perfect android phone is tough. Searching the right apps for all your needs is daunting. What are the top android apps? What will be the great weather app? Which...

Facebook Messenger- what?

Facebook has been THE social networking platform since its inception by Mark Zuckerburg and there has been no turning back ever since. Facebook Messenger is a part of facebook on mobile...

Review: Hike messenger Application

The top most free messaging platform, which sends messages to numbers who doesn’t have internet is Hike messenger. Through this platform, you can talk to users who are in hike and...

Snapchat are you snapping yet?

Snapchat is the latest application, created in 2011 that has become everybody’s favourite. Meaning exactly what the name suggests, it is basically an application that helps you to clicks pics to...

WhatsApp – a new way of staying connected

WhatsApp! The word is the easiest way to say “What’s up?” to the world through an application. A mobile application to be precise. Initially released back in 2010, it has taken...